Lea Michele's Louder Album

    Since i am a fan of the show Glee and i love the music on the show, i thought i would share my thoughts on Lea Michele's album Louder that came out last year along with my thoughts on the songs on the album. i'm going to go in order by track in the album.
The first song on the album is "Cannonball" which was written by Sia. Since this is the song that introduces us to Lea Michele, it starts off with strong lyrics about coping through a situation and  slowing moving on day by day. i like this song because it shows Michele's vocals throughout the song.The second song on the album is "On My Way"and it is a pop song that has strong lyrics about sticking with someone no matter what it takes to be with them. This song is definitely a song that you can dance to at a party or listen to in your car when you are driving.The third song om the album is "Burn With You" which is a a pop/ballad song in my opinion because it starts out  slow and then fast later on the chorus. my interpretation of the song is that it is about two people who are in a relationship that might not be right be for each other, however they are willing to stand by each other no matter where they are. "i don't want to go to heaven,/ if you're going to hell / i will burn with you".The fourth song on the album is "Battlefield" written by Sia. This song is an emotional ballad about a relationship that is ending but the two people are still holding on to each other despite fighting with each other. Also, the concept of how a relationship can change over time because of the lyric, "What seemed like a good idea, has turned into a battlefield".The fifth song on the album is " You're Mine" written by Sia, this song is a pop song with a fast tempo about committing to a relationship and standing by that person.The sixth song on the album is "A Thousand Needles" written by Tove which is an intense song about the pain that comes with being in a relationship and walking away from that person."A thousand needles in my heart/showed me it's painful from the start". The 7th song on the album is "Louder" which is written by Collin Munroe and it is a pop song with a fast tempo.It is a song about being bolder and not being afraid to have confidence in yourself no matter what other people think. " i just wanna to hear your voice/don't be afraid/Why don't you scream a little louder".The 8th song is "Cue The Rain" which is co-written by Lea Michele about a past relationship that she had. This song is another pop song with great lyrics and a interesting concept. The concept of the song is after a relationship has ended with your significant other, you may not see them again if you don't stay in contact, so you are wondering what do you do with the feelings that are left over from the relationship and what happens to it."But your hand in mine is hard to erase/ And i find myself looking for you." The 9th song is "Don't Let Go" it is a pop song about the joys of being the first stages in a relationship with simple lyrics. i would say this song is my least favorite because it seems random to put in the album. The 10th song is "Empty-Handed" written by Christina Perry and it's very lyrical and has a lullaby quality. This song is about being vulnerable in a relationship when you have nothing to offer them and they still love you either way.If i finally let you in/Would you show me what love is/if i have nothing to give".The last song on the album is "If You Say So" co-written by Sia and Lea Michele. It is a very personal song to Ms.Michele so out of respect i am not going to go into detail about it. The song is a great way to end the album because it goes full circle from the first single to the last one.
   That's my review of Lea Michele's album "Louder", hope you guys enjoyed it and i would to hear your thoughts on it, favorite songs.least favorites?

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