Saturday, February 14, 2015

5 Most Romantic Movies

 In honor of Valentine's Day, i figured that i would share my top 5 romantic movies of all time. Most of these movies i'm sure everyone has seen at some point so i'm not going to say what they are about, i'll say the movies and some of my favorite scenes.

5. Water for Elephants
 one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Jacob and Marlena are about to jump off the train and when Jacob says that he doesn't care whether she decides to be with him or not, as long as she's happy, he'll be okay.

4.A Walk To Remember

 The scene where Landon asks his mom to teach him how to dance and then he dances with jamie in her balcony

3.Remember Me
When Tyler invites Allie to meet his family and celebrate his birthday.

2.Pitch Perfect
 The scene where Beca and Jesse watch The Breakfast Club together.
and finally number 1.(drumrolls)
1. The Fault in Our Stars.
 Basically every scene Hazel and Augustus are in together. :)
 Those were my top 5 most romantic movies, what are some of yours and favorite scenes from them?
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! :)

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