Monday, April 20, 2015

All The Bright Places Review

All the Bright Places       

i loved it! The story was beautiful. The characters of Violet and Finch were real characters with flaws, doubts. insecurities, and great moments where they understood each other. The themes of mental illness and bipolar disorder was executed in a great way, i didn't feel overwhelmed by the information because it was done in a way where it's not thrown in your face. Finch was an amazing character, i loved his charismatic attitude, his heart, the way he finds joy in the simplest things. Violet was the popular girl who strayed from her status, in the beginning, it did take me a while to get used to her because she was constantly feeling guilty and not doing anything to make an effort. But, towards the end, i liked her and the reasons why she did the things that she did. i had a feeling it would end the way it did based on the summary, but still i held hope. The ending felt right and i don't feel that it could have been prevented at that point, maybe if it was towards the middle that it happened, then maybe that person could have been saved. The quotes were beautiful, Finch's speeches to Violet were my favorite because it showed that he wasn't going to treat her differently while others are cautious around her. i liked that he was the only one who told her like it is and didn't hold back.
Highly recommend it to anyone who wants somethings that deals with tough subject, if you liked Laurie Halse Anderson's book Speak, you'll love this.

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