Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I''ll Meet You There Book Review

I'll Meet You There

The story was great, i liked the character Skylar and Josh were good characters, the side characters were amazing. Skylar's friends Dylan and Chris, their manager Marge. From the synopsis, it is misleading because it makes you think that Skylar and Josh are meeting for the first time, when in reality they know each other from being co-workers at a motel after school.Also, Skylar had a fling with his brother over spring break. he's her ex in a way but not really because it wasn't serious. Skylar was a great protagonist, she's an artist who got a scholarship to go to a college in San Francisico, her plans fall apart when her mom loses her job. Now this is one of the best parts of the book because it show Skylar's economic situation and what's it's like to be in poverty. At one point in the book, she had only a cracker to eat for the entire day and she didn't have enough money for food sometimes. I applaud the author for doing this because most contemporaries don't mention this or it's mentioned but it's glossed over like it goes away eventually. i want to talk about Skylar's friends Dylan and Chris, loyal best friends ever. Dylan is one of Skylar's best friends who has a kid with her boyfriend of 3 years Jesse. This is a great factor to add because it shows a young women who is not ashamed for having a kid because she's proud of her baby and loves him. There's one part in the book where Skylar and Josh are talking and she mentions that Dylan has a kid, Josh's response was that he wasn't surprised since she" gets around". i agreed with Skylar because he was assuming that she got pregnant by a random guy. i was disgusted by this part because Dylan had a kid by her boyfriend who loved her and their kid a lot, not just random hookup. sorry, rant over. Now, on to Josh. Josh has been through a lot being in the Marines, Afghanistan and losing his leg in the war. His internal struggles are seen throughout the book despite how short his chapters, you get the problems he's going through about his experiences in the the war, loss,death, guns being fired. However, since he never talks about the war besides in his chapters, Skylar couldn't understand what he's going through and in this part is where i wasn't really sure why Josh didn't want to open up to Skylar because they've talked about everything else. Even Skylar was questioning on whether he trusted her enough because there were moments where he would get angry or moody at Skylar just because she wanted to help him get around because of his leg. It seems like Josh used the war as an excuse for his behavior at some parts which i wasn't ok with because there's only so much he can blame the war at. I loved how Skylar tells him this in the end when they're reunited, because she lets him know that he can't keep blaming everything on his experiences especially Skylar.  Whether or not they last, Skylar mentions briefly what being with Josh with his mood swings and his anger and depression which she chooses not to mention to her mother. Personally, i see them lasting probably her first year of college. after that i don't know because of how their personalities are. over time it could become stressful for her, but she would handle it when she would need to.
 Great summer read, highly recommend it. :)


  1. Sounds super interesting! Great Review :)

    1. it's really good and thanks! hope you check it out.