Thursday, July 16, 2015

Creative Blogger Award

 When I first heard that  I was nominated, I was shocked because I don't exactly post on my blog on  daily basis like most people do. I am so happy that people like what I write and talk about even if it's just a random thought or something like that. it's surreal and i'm grateful. I would like to thank Giselle from Perks of Being A Reader for the nomination, thanks so much :)

So the rules are:
1 | Post a link to the person who nominated you and give thanks.2 | Share 5 facts about yourself.3 | Nominate 10 other blogs and give links.4 | Contact your nominees to inform them of their nomination.5 | Provide the rules to your nominees
I'm not this amazing person that goes on adventures everyday but here goes.
1. I'm almost done with college, i'm on my second year. At first, it was hard but then it got easier once i got the hand of the college with the teachers and everything
2. I can't swim like at all, i have tried to learn when i was younger but i wasn't into. My cousin had signed me up for swimming lessons but at the time i did not want to make the trip. 
3. I have become obsessed with youtube singers for a long time. My favorite ones are Madilyn Bailey, Boyce Avenue, Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole, Macy kate, and many more. They are amazing singers.
4. I am a feminist, i don't really talk about it on here, but i feel strongly about it because it's time that men and women should be treated with equality towards each other. One thing I hate the most is the idea of sexism and double standard. It needs to stop. Since the 1920s, women have fought hard to earn the right to vote and now in modern day they deserve the right to their own bodies, instead of being sexualized because of it.
5. i have a dog who is 2 years old, his name is lomo and i love him very much. He's become the family dog now. For some reason, he can sense when i'm not near him and he goes to find me. it's very sweet.
My 10 incredible nominees
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  1. Thank you for the nomination:D I will do it soon! Have you listened to Alex G? I really like her;)Congrats with almost being done with school!

  2. you're welcome, awesome. :) i have listened to her, she's really good too. Thanks so much!

  3. I can barely swim! I totally get you! It's embarrassing sometimes but it's not too bad. It's nice to hear that college life gets better, i'm a high school senior right now and college, as exciting as it is, is daunting and a little scary. Congrats on being almost done!

    It's always nice to meet other feminists. It's something I feel very strongly about and I always get annoyed when people say they aren't feminists because they don't understand the word.

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me!! :)

    I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award!!. Follow the link -

  5. As I get older, and have my own family now, I think certain traits are just born into us. I never teach my son that certain things are for boys, and certain things are for girls. But one day when I gave him a option between picking a bottle with a princess on it, and one with spiderman he said the princess one is for girls. He's three years old and acts like a total 'Boy'. Love to play fight, and do a lot of rough housing. My point is that most men behave differently than women, and it won't be equal in that sense. All we can do is be understanding of one anthers differences, and just move on to more pressing issues such as the economy. Whether you are a man or women, a bad economy affects everyone negatively.