Sunday, June 28, 2015

P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han

P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #2)

P.S I Still Love You picks up exactly where To All The Boys I've Loved Before left off with Lara Jean writing a letter to Peter. The book goes straight to them getting back together within the first two chapters It's great because Lara Jean and Peter are adorable. But then, things go downhill with the video scandal. As soon as the video came out, I knew who it was that posted it and so did Lara Jean.This part of the book i didn't like because Peter didn't even defend Lara Jean, instead he defended Genevieve saying that she wouldn't do that. I'm sorry what? How can you not defend your girlfriend, who you know is having a hard time with it? Not cool Peter. Peter in the book disappointed me actually, i thought he would be more romantic in his own way, and he was in the beginning, but the rest of the book not so much. I appreciated Lara Jean's growth throughout the book and you really see that especially when she starts volunteering at a hospital and taking charge of things. i enjoyed that the family was still included in the book. Now, on to the real topic:John Ambrose Mcclaren. John is the last boy that receives a letter from Lara Jean in the last book. as soon as he started writing to her, i was smiling because his letters were great and her letter to him were sweet. I liked that their letters consisted of their friendship when they were younger and how they all hung out together. I think that the break up was inevitable, it was bound to happen, i feel that it could happened towards the middle of the book instead of it being almost at the end, it makes the ending seem rushed. Not that I didn't love it, i did i just feel that it could have been paced out more.

Lara Jean and Peter break up because of Peter's constant need to be with Genevieve and help her out whenever she wants him to. This makes sense and I understood Lara Jean's frustration with Peter on this because come on no girlfriend would be comfortable with their boyfriend hanging out with their ex-girlfriend. that's common sense. Also, another thing that i noticed while reading is that Lara Jean trusted Peter a lot but he wasn't giving her much to go on. I think that if he just explained the situation to her, she would have understood, and he should be more open with his feelings. I get that his character hides his feelings, but seriously how do you expect Lara Jean to talk to you when you even say how you feel about things, Even the letters. In the cake walk, Peter said that John was writing her letters and Lara Jean is like i though you didn't care about them, then Peter says he does, after Lara jean says that he should have said something about it. Favorite scenes would have to be the 1940s party that Lara Jean and John go to, the snowglobe that John gives to Lara Jean for her birthday, when they played in the snow and sang Do you wanna build a snowman from Frozen, i was grinning from ear to ear because i love Frozen. Also, when John opens his car door and Lara Jean runs to his car, the kiss between them after the party. I guess you can tell i really liked John, their friendship was sweet, i thought they were gonna end up together at some point but then i'm like wait he's a plot device to help Lara Jean validate her feelings for Peter. I knew that they weren't going to end up together. but it was great to see Lara Jean with a new person and allow herself to be liked by another person besides Peter. i forgot to mention feminism and double standards are in this book and i love the way it's incorporated in the book involving the video because it is something that unfortunately does happen everything to young girls. Anyways, i think this review is long enough, only thing that would make it better to have Lara Jean and John have their one day just to see what it would be like for them. i think it could be in college probably her freshmen year. A girl can dream. 4 stars. :)

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  1. I didn't like the video part either, I thought it was kind of low of Peter. I mean, I get that he was still friends with Gen so it was hard for him to think she'd done it, but I feel like he could at least have been a little more suspicious.
    Yeah, Lara Jean's growth was really interesting and well written!