Friday, December 4, 2015

Hello, December

 December is here which means Finals, Christmas, and New Years. Finals week is tough because you have to prepare to take finals for all of your classes. This means studying and looking back at all your notes from the semester. Since I know that this is a tough time, i thought that i would share some tips that have helped me in the past when it came to finals or exams in general. 
Tip 1: Do not cram everything into one day. It will make you over-stress and you will most likely retain about 30 percent about what you studied. 
Tip 2: Make time to study a little bit each day. Whether it's in on the train, in the morning, or at night. Whenever you find time, just study what you can. 
Tip 3: You don't have to know every single thing that is going to be on there, just enough that you understand the material. This was the case when it came to my sociology mid-term. My professor said just answer 16 out of the questions the ones you know the most about. I answered the 16 that i knew the most about and passed.
Tip 4: using highlighter and index cards help in a huge way. They help you stay organized with your notes. Also, You don't have to high light everything, just the important details
Tip 5: Breathe and relax.
Tip 6: Going to bed early helps you stay productive. 
Tip 7: Eat breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day.
Those are my tips for finals.
I'm going to be listening to Christmas music all week and watching Christmas movies. Maybe read some holiday theme books. Any recommendations?

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