Thursday, August 11, 2016

An Open Letter to Rowan Blanchard

It made me feel sick when i heard the rumors and how it affected you. You are a young 14 year old girl who is an advocate for movements such as feminism, black lives matter, LGBTQ, Self- love, and many other things. Also, you spoke about your struggles with depression and spoke about being bullied. 
You wrote a piece on Rookie Magazine where you expressed that you did not want to apologize for what you feel or the things that you do. I remember reading that piece and really taking it in. You are a strong person who is intelligent, eloquent, and talented. I’m sure you will go far in life and star in other amazing projects. 
I want to say that I admire you because you’re letting people know no matter what age they are, that they have a voice and they matter. To me, the show taught me lessons about friendship, family, feminism, people change people, Labels shouldn’t matter. People should look beyond the surface. I am glad that you are who you are and you never change who you are because some people expect you to.
You are a wonderful human being and please stay the humble down to earth person we all know you are.
- Lissette

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