Friday, March 11, 2016

Chapter 6

We entered the classroom, since we ran from the stairs we were still holding hands. I didn't noticed it until the teacher commented. "ah young love, how sweet, but not sweet enough to be 5 minutes late to class. Mr. Gold I'm sure you and your girlfriend will not  make it a habit", he said frowning.
I was about to protest that I was not his girlfriend, but Mike just said," Yes, Mr. Lewis, we're sorry it won't happen again". "Good", said Mr Lewis as he pointed to seats in the back, " since you both were late, you will have to seat in the back, also Mr gold you don't have to grab your girlfriend's hand to do that. I'm sure she's capable of managing by herself". I smiled at that, he can finally let go of my hand. I walked to the desk and and sat down while Mike sat on the other side.
" This semester we are going to be discovering how media impacts our society. Can anyone tell me other ways we connect?", he said.
Connect, there was that word again. For me, music was always the way I connected. Its not just songs, they are stories being told through the experiences of the singer. I raised my hand. Mr.Lewis looked at me, " yes, Miss Montez.". " I think a way we connect is through music. We listen to songs about different experiences and we relate to them because we may have gone through them at some point in our lives", I said.
" Interesting perspective, would anyone else like to share their thoughts on the matter?", said Mr Lewis. Nobody raised their hand. I was surprised when Mike raised his hand. " Yes, Mr Gold," he said.
Mike looked at me and then began. " Love. The way we love our family, friends,and significant others. We support and are always there to help them, even when they don't want us to.The same goes for relationships. The ones that we think are going to last forever don't. Then, there are the ones that happen unexpectedly, because you never thought that this would be a person you would be drawn to". " Very Insightful, ok guys now for homework I want you guys to pick a topic that is important to you and document it. It can be about anything at all. I want to know how you guys present yourself when it comes to media",said Mr. Lewis.
It was an interesting homework. I was going to choose books but that's too general. Music is easier. I can talk about the 80s and 90s era, my favorite genres, artists, songs. I'm not going to sing any though. I don't sing since I did Bandslam. I don't know, after my break up with Will, it felt like it was a piece of him more than me. I sang with the band as a last minute thing because Charlotte wasn't around. I still talk to her from time to time. She's studying to be a teacher. Last thing I want is to be reminded of Will.

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