Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March Update

School has started so I have not been on that much as before. I though that I would do an update of what's i'm currently reading, watching, and some favorite songs of mine at the moment.

Currently Reading
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
I am excited to be reading more diverse books and what better way than one from my own culture. I am Hispanic, My parents are from Peru. It's fun to read a book that is similar to your culture. Aristotle and Dante are two Mexican American boys growing up in the 80s. Another reason I picked up this book, it takes places in the 80s, I love the 80s era the music, clothes, and the music.
Currently Watching
The Flash- loving it, it's funny seeing Grant Gustin go from Glee to a being a superhero.
Sherlock- On season 3
Supergirl- Just recently started it
Favorite songs
Ariana Grande- Dangerous Women
Alessia Cara- Overdose
Troye Sivan- Wild, Youth
Sabrina Carpenter- Smoke and Fire
Ellie Goulding- Something in the way You Move
Hailee Steinfield- Rock Bottom
Halsey- Colors
I'm taking French 102 and Math 119, I am brushing up on my french and I would love some movie, songs, and book recommendations. It would really help me get immersed in the language, Also, I can finally use a calculator in math, last semester I couldn't because i don't know professors are stupid. It's math, we have to use calculators. Not all of us can do numbers in ours heads like Matilda.
Anyways, That is all for now. Oh, I have been publishing my stories that I've written on here on Wattpad. :)

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