Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Article about being In love and being in love with the idea of love
I thought this was an interesting article to read because it talks about the difference between being in love with someone and being in love with the idea of love. This is mostly seen in relationships. Now i'm not currently in a relationship but that doesn't mean I don't know  about them. In my experience, from stories that I've heard from friends, family, and best friends i believe that the idea of being in love with love is being in a relationship for the benefits, basically expectations that you have that are met by your significant other. They call you all the time, send you flowers, things like that. But when they stop doing that, the person does not find them attractive any more. The other type of relationship is actually being in love with the person that you are with, accepting them for who they are, the good and bad side. The person is actually wanting to hear about their partner's thoughts, opinions, fears and feelings. I believe that is what actually being in love with someone is.

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