Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review: Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. I think this is my favorite out of the entire series so far. I still have to read Queen of Shadows which i will get later this week. Ok, a lot of things were happening in terms of plot and characters. i'm just going to go with the storylines that I felt were important to the plot. The Celeana and Rowan storyline, i loved Rowan, i really did. He was different from Chaol and Dorian. You can tell just by the way he acts around Celena, he doesn't treat her less than him, he treats her as an equal, and pushes her to where her full potential should be. Another thing is he never wants calls her Celeana, he calls her Aelin which is her birth name. I know it's such a small detail but it's important because it shows that Rowan gives her the respect that she deserves as the queen that she. Celeana's past is finally shown to us, and i felt bad for her. From reading her past and everything she went though, her actions in the first book makes sense. The plot with Chaol and Aedion is somewhat important because basically Aedion wants to find Aelin so she can take her rightful place as queen. I love how Aedion calls her his queen. Now on to the new characters which were Manon and Sorcha. Man is one of the witches from the 13 clan. I thought she was an interesting character and i liked how their system was introduced, i liked the dragon riding. Sorcha on the other hand, was a different story i felt that i couldn't connect with her because it seemed like she was just there as a love interest for Dorian. But i guess that's what was needed in order for Dorian to do what he did in the end. I feel like this book was mostly character-driven which i liked because it shows more character development. I can't wait to read Queen of Shadows and see what happens when Celeana confronts her old master along with saving her friends. Also. Aelin and Aedion reunion :) All he wants is to see his cousin.

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