Friday, January 1, 2016

A Raven's Touch Review


     A Raven's Touch Review
A Raven's Touch by Linda Bloodworth
I loved this book. It had everything, magic, friendship, romance. I liked all the characters. Justice was great, she was loyal, brave, courageous, and witty. The friendship between her and Moira was beautiful. Its seen from the beginning how they really are best friends. The side characters of Tom and Mr. Joy was really good. I liked the humor they book had. Also, the magic system was incredible. Each character is a different magical being. Justice is an angel. Moira is a witch. Tom and Mr.Joy are elves. Darien is a vampire. Dragons are also in it. The romance was great because it wasn't the main focus, instead they each help other throughout the book. The ending was a cliffhanger with them entering Hell. I enjoyed this book a lot and I can't wait for there to be a sequel. 5 stars.

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