Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sum Of Its Parts: GMW Fanfic

For Maya Hart, art was more than just a hobby. To her it was about letting herself be vulnerable by letting go of all her emotions in her paintings. She was currently working on one after school in the art studio when her best friend, Riley Matthews came in. Maya was wearing a smock and her hands were covered with a variety of colors.
  " Hey, Riley, she said as she continued working on her painting. She noticed that Riley wore a smile on her face everyday since Lucas transferred into their class. The last time she saw them together was at the library. It looked like he was doing most of the talking and she was listening.
"Hey, Maya", Riley said.
"So how's it going with Lucas?", Maya asks since Riley always talks about him, at school, at home, when they hang out. It's not that she has a problem with him. It just wouldn't hurt to talk about something else or at least why she likes him.
" Oh, ok i guess, we haven't talked since the library", Riley said, disappointed. She thought that her and Lucas were connecting. The horse story was beautiful and he laughed when she told him about her hamster. That had to mean something.
"Oh well, I'm sure you'll talk soon in class tomorrow", Maya said smiling. It was Friday and she liked sleeping over at Riley's house on the weekends. They would get popcorn, watch movies, and just talk about everything all night. Recently, one of the topics was Lucas. If she was going to find out why, now is a good time as ever.
"Yea, you're right, she said.
" Hey, Riles just wondering here what exactly do you like about Lucas?", said Maya with a questioning look on her face.
Riley was shocked. She would have thought that her best friend would know why she liked Lucas. She must have told her at some point, hasn't she? Yes, she must have."
" I guess it's something about his eyes look when he laughs and his smile", said Riley with a smile on her face.
Maya was surprised at what she said. She thought that there was something more about him. It sounded like a crush. It reminded her of when she had a crush on her uncle Josh although, at least she actually had reasons. After the events, Maya realized that it was a crush and got over it as time passed. It seems like Riley didn't and just found Lucas attractive.
" What about him?", Maya asked
" What do you mean?", said Riley confused. She had thought that it was obvious why she liked him.
"You have to look at the whole painting, instead of just one part. Look at it like this,when I paint, I'm looking at how each piece is important to the picture. Each piece in it tells a different story. A painting is more than the sum of its part. It's creating something out of nothing. That's what makes it beautiful", Maya said putting her finishing touches on her work.
" So, you're saying that Lucas more than just his eyes and smile", Riley said.
" Yes, he's more than that but you're never going to know unless you get to know him, instead of this version you have of him in your head, said Maya as she's putting the paintbrushes.
" You're right, thanks Maya, said Riley as she left the art studio.
Maya smiled as she saw Riley leave. She's glad that she's going to see more than her idealized version of him. Just as she was about to get her stuff, the door opened. Assuming it's Riley, Maya says, " I'll be there soon, honey". " I hope so, darling," said Lucas smiling as he entered the room.
Maya was surprised that Lucas was here. Mostly, because his basketball practice ends early.
"Um, hey, what's up, said Maya, not knowing what to do about her hands she kept them inside her smock.
" I thought I would walk you home since i know you stay here late,", said Lucas looking at her painting with a smile. Maya was shocked, normally he leaves early and then she leaves later on. When did he start wanting to walk her home?
" Oh, that's nice, but i'm already leaving with Riley, said Maya
" Riley?, But, I just saw her heading for the train station, said Lucas. He had seen her there, They had talked for about a minute. She had asked him if he could walk with Maya since her parents wanted her for dinner.
" Her parents probably wanted her for dinner, right?, said Maya.
"Yea, how did you know?", said Lucas
" Her parents know that I stay late here so they ask Riley to come to dinner early and they set an extra plate for me when i get there", said Maya smiling. She loved Riley's family.
" They are kind people, said Lucas.
" So, that's the only reason you're here right? to walk me to the train station, i can do it myself, it's only a few blocks, said Maya.
" Um yea, but i want to make sure you're safe. and also, i wanted to talk to you, said Lucas looking down at his hands.
" what about?", said Maya while raising her eyebrows.
This was difficult for Lucas. He had been planning on what to say to her for weeks. But, sometimes Riley prevented him from talking to her because she was always near him or she would focus on Riley mostly and ignore him.
" I wanted to know how you would if I asked someone out, said Lucas. She was confused again. Why would he need her approval?
" Um, ok I don't mind it, but why are asking me, shouldn't you ask Riley?" You guys have an unofficial thing going on, she said
" No, we don't. I want to ask this person out because I like her a lot. She's smart,talented,funny, creative,beautiful.", said Lucas smiling
This is going to crush Riley, Maya thought.
" Wow, you really like this girl then, said Maya
" I really do, said Lucas
"ok, so then ask her out, said Maya
"Really?" You think she won't mind?", said Lucas nervous
" Just ask her, the worst she can say is no, said Maya
"ok, I'll do it, said Lucas determined.
  It was now or never. This was his chance,
"Maya?, said Lucas stammering. Maya noticed that he was nervous all of sudden. She assumed because he was going to ask the girl later on. Nervousness passes.
" Yeah?, said Maya perplexed.
" Would you want to go out with me, sometime?, said Lucas. He looked up to see her reaction. It was a blank stare.
Maya froze. She was not expecting this at all. How did this even happen? This can't be happening.
" What?", Did, Did you just ask me out,? said Maya
"Yes, I did", said Lucas
" Why?, said Maya
" Because I liked you for a while, but I didn't say anything because i knew how Riley felt about me and you guys are best friends, said Lucas.
" But, Riley likes you, said Maya
" I know she does, but she likes a version of me, instead of all of me, said Lucas
" And you think i do?, said Maya
" Yes, you do, said Lucas
" Ok, listen. i'm going to be clear. You break my best friend's heart and i will end you. You asked me out, i'm not saying no or yes. Talk to Riley first. Then, if you still feel what you feel, maybe we can go out once. I'm not saying soon. I'm giving you 3 months. In those 3 months, if you have not told Riley that you don't feel that way about her,  then I will do it, said Maya with a determined look on her face. With she left the room
Lucas was left with a smile on his face. Of Course, this was the reaction he was expecting. In 3 months, they'll go on a date after he tells Riley that he doesn't feel the same way.

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