Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back To School Advice

Since  school is right around the corner for some of us, or those who have started school already best luck to all of you who have just started. Anyways, I figured I share a little advice for upcoming freshmen in high school or college, it doesn't matter which one you are this applies to any person in school. Ok here we go,
  Freshmen Advice
1. Do not worry about what other people think
I can't stress this enough especially in high school, there are too many people who value more the opinion of other people then their own opinion. Please value yourself, you have opinions, thoughts, and feelings just like every other person has.
2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
 Breakfast is important to have every morning because one : you will be energized and two: it gets you ready to take on a long day of school.
3. Have a planner
 This is a good thing to have because it will help you be more organized when it comes to assignments, deadlines, and exams. For me, I color code my classes in my planner, and it helps me keep track of my assignments.
4. Stay hydrated
  As people, we are made up of  20 percent of water therefore,water is good to have handy during a long school day.
5. Mental- Health Days
 All this means is that you take a day where you check in on yourself and how you are feeling, if you're feeling stressed, then this is a day where you can let go of your stresses and things like that. I have found that this has helped me in my experience. Now, this does not mean everyday, just once in a while.
That's it for my back to school advice, hope you guys enjoyed it. Good luck to everyone in the school year. :)

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