Sunday, August 30, 2015

Finding Audrey Review

This is my first Sophie Kinsella book and I loved it! It was great, the characters were amazing.Audrey and her family were funny, crazy moments at time but they still loved each other. Audrey'd character development in the book was done well, it never felt rushed. I really liked the documentary aspect of it that she had to do as part of her therapy, it felt like she was a Youtuber.
Her family is hilarious from her mom to her brother, one of m favorite scenes would have to be the mom and frank scenes because they were really funny. Of course, it is a contemporary so there is obviously a love interest that comes in the form of Linus. Now Linus as a character was a good character, his moments with Audrey were sweet. The ice-cream scene was cute. But, I think the only thing I didn't like about him was that he never tried to understand Audrey's anxiety. The dares they did and the way he got mad at her for deciding to do a certain thing. I think that Linus's view on her condition should been shown more, at least in m opinion. It felt like he was just there to be her love interest, and that's fine. but at least try to understand where she's coming from. They all made up with him in the end. The confrontation with Audrey and one of the girls who bullied her was intense because i thought that she was going to have a breakdown. Her fight with Linus before the meeting, was done in a amazing way, it showed Audrey standing up for herself, which unfortunately had to be with him but I feel that that was the push she needed.
The ending was satisfying, i loved how it ended with her talking to the camera and actually being in the documentary. It shows how she's developed from just filming to talking and finally showing her self on camera


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