Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall TV shows

Thought  I would switch things around by talking about the shows that I am into this fall.As most of you know, fall means shows are coming back and I have a lot of favorites along with new ones. This list is in no particular order whatsoever.
 1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine- it's a really funny show, i binge-watched the first two seasons on Hulu, it's amazing if you haven't checked it out please do, it's worth it.
2. Once Upon A Time- I love this show, watched the first two seasons on Netflix, can't wait for the 5th season. I am a Captain Swan fan, along with multiple other ships
2. The Vampire Diaries- Steroline is finally going to be canon
3. Dancing with the stars. I did not start watching the show since the first season, but i have recently got into it, my favorite season would have to be season 18. i am excited for season 21 because i'm familar with some of the cast. I'm rooting for Alexa & Mark, Carlos& Whitney, and Derek& Bindi, 
4.Scream Queens- i'm excited for this one because it has some of my favorite actresses and Jamie lee Curtis who is queen. 
5.Supergirl- I somewhat liked Melissa Benoist as Marley on Glee, she had her moments. I really want to see how she has evolved since Glee, also i have this headcannon that after Glee Marley wanted a new life, changed her name and moved to new city.

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