Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chapter 2

When I walked into the classroom, Mike came right behind me. It was nice that he showed me around but I think he would have done that for anyone. He's the typical popular guy. I saw a picture of him in one of the hall frames. Basketball team. Figures, he's probably the captain.
I went  to Ms Matthews and explained that I was a new student. She was a women in her mid-30s. She has curly blonde hair and black eyes. She wore a orange blouse and black pants.
" Everyone, we have a new student her name is Sam and she moved here from New Jersey" said Ms.Matthews. I looked at the students in the class. Mike was sitting in the middle, he winked at me when I looked at him. A girl in the front noticed and glared at me. She was a little taller than me with curly black hair and blue eyes. She's probably his girlfriend or something.
"Now, where can we put you?", said Ms Matthews, while putting a hand on her hip. The back would be good. Nobody ever pays attention to the people in the back. I was about to say something that but then Mike raised his hand.
"Ms.Matthews," he said smiling. " Sam can sit next to me, we met earlier so I can show her around". Great, more time with this guy.  I looked at the girl in the front, her face was red as a tomato when she looked at me. I want about to say that I was fine sitting in the back but Ms.Matthews had other plans.
" How thoughtful of you, Mike, Sam you may sit next to Mike", she said pushing me towards my seat.
I sat down next to him. He must have found it amusing because he whispered " Sa5m, the five is silent, I love it ". So original. I nodded and looked back at the teacher as she went on talking about senior year and the semester. Mike decided that it would be fun to play with my hand while I was writing down notes. I looked at his girlfriend, this time she gave me an evil look. Last thing I needed is a jealous girlfriend mad at me.
" your girlfriend is looking at us", I whispered so the teacher wouldn't hear us.  Mike looked confused when I said this. I gestured towards the girl in the front who was throwing daggers at me.
He laughed. " oh that's Maggie, she's not my girlfriend, well she was junior year but we broke up after.". Wow, I guess she's still hurting.
" Judging by the multiple glares she's given me, I don't think she's over you", I said writing in my notebook.
Mike chuckles and decides to grab my hand again. I pull it away but he grabs  it again. I decide to ignore it and focus on my work. But, then i feel a piece a paper on the hand that Mike grabbed. On the paper, it had my name and his phone number, it said anytime you need help or just to talk". Such an idiot, he must have wrote it when I wasn't looking. I decided to keep it in my notebook. Its not like I'll ever call him.

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