Monday, February 15, 2016

Chapter 3

My next class was Human Studies. As soon as I left the room to go it, Mike decided to grab my hand again.
" , Seriously, what is it with you grabbing my hand," I said annoyed as I walked in the hallway.  Mike laughed and said " well you're new, you could get lost, this way I know where you are", he said smiling.
" well not all the time, I'm sure you have other classes" I said praying Health was the only class we had together.
He stopped to grab his schedule from his backpack and showed it to me. My mouth dropped when I saw it. You have got to be kidding me.
" Must be fate", he said pulling me again in the hallway.
Fate, right as if I believed in that.
I ignored him as we walked into the class. I noticed that he was still holding  my hand so I went to pull away. " you know I can't get to a seat, if you're constantly holding my hand", I said trying to pull away from him again. " we're going to  sit together, so this makes things easier", he said. That's when I saw that most of the students had taken a seat. There were only two seats left. Dammit it.  Mike grinned as he pulled me to the seats. He sat in the first one and I sat in the second one.
The teacher started to talk about the senior project. He had said the two words I hated. Buddy up.
" please, turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself", he said  writing on the board the lesson.
Mike and I already knew each other, so we shook hands. But then Mike decided to be funny and kiss my hand after. When I  pulled my hand away, the teacher said, " congratulations, you have just met your partner for the rest of the semester".  I pulled my hands in front of my face.  Mike patted my shoulder and said, " don't worry  we'll do great".
The teacher started to explain the project and what it would mean from both partners. It sounded similar to the project I did with Will but this one had a central idea. The one I did was based on how we saw the other person.
" Connecting is what we do everyday as people. In this project, I want you guys to figure out  what that means to each one of you. Do you guys just connect through  technology or something else. You will present as a pair what connecting  means to you along with a separate report on what you learned from this assignment". The teacher finished with writing down the name of the partners.
Connecting. How are we suppose to write and explain what it means to us?
To make matters worse, Mike held my hand as we left the class and his ex saw us.  I  pulled away from him and went to my locker. Speak of the devil, she was there when I slammed my locker shut.
" Listen, new girl. That's my boyfriend, so stay away from him or else", she said throwing my books down. I stood there and glared at her. Her ex is the one who keeps coming on to me. I didn't do anything, that's all on him. Before I could say anything, she had already left. I went to pick the books up, when Mike started to help me. " I'm sorry about that", he said putting them in my hands. I looked at him angrily. "Just stay away from me", ok? Last thing I need is some jealous ex coming after me and threatening me. We'll work together on the project together, but that will be it". Mike looked disappointed but then he looked angry.
" what did she say to you?" he said angrily. " she told me to stay from you, or else", I said nonchalantly. I don't get why he's mad at that. It makes sense any ex-girlfriend.would say that.
" you shouldn't listen to her", he said putting his hand on my locker.
" why not, its better than being threatened", I said.
" she's just doing this to get between us," he said putting my hands on his chest.  Between us? What is he talking about? There is no us.
" There is no us, Mike", I said.
He looked confused for a second. Then he  realized what he had said. " I meant our friendship", he said scratching the back of his neck.
I sighed. " well leopards and cheerleaders don't change their spots".
" what does that mean?" he said.
" it means that Maggie is not going to change all of sudden because I stay away from you. Girls like that never do. They always have interior motives". I said and left him to walk to my next class. 

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