Thursday, February 18, 2016

Chapter 5

I think if I close my eyes, the day would on faster. But, the universe had other plans. , its lunch time in the cafeteria. You can always tell who the cliques are right away. Looking at Mike's table, he's in the middle surrounded by two guys, and I think a sophomore girl is about to approach him. They are the jocks of the school. Then, there are the geeks, cheerleaders, skaters, theater kids, and finally the popular girls. Looking at Maggie's table, she was obviously one. She was laughing with her friends as a freshmen tripped on a banana peel. 
I was walking towards a table, when I felt someone grab my wrist. You can probably guess who it was. 
" , Sam, come sit with me", Mike said gesturing towards his table. I noticed that his friends laughed when I looked at them. I don't want to hang around lunkhead jocks. 
" No thank, I'm good here," I said trying to get his grip off me. Man, this guy is strong. The guy does not give up though. He looked around the cafeteria.
" I get it, not your scene come on I know a better place," he said pulling my hand and leading me out. I don't know where he's taking me.  We're walking in the hallway when he takes a shortcut through one of the doors. Then we walked the stairs until we got to a door. 
Mike put a finger to his lips, " No one knows about this place ok", he said as he opened the door.
It was a garden although its mostly like a jungle.
" Wow, this is amazing", I said looking around the garden. Mike smiled and said, " I figured its a better place than the cafeteria, this way we can talk and no one can bother us".  
There were roses and lilies of different colors everywhere. I saw Mike grab a rose while we walked and he put it in his back pocket. There was a bench nearby so we sat down there. 
" So, what do you want to talk about?",  I said.  Mike laughed and said " well I was thinking the English assignment first, loved your answer by the way".
I was surprised. I didn't think anyone liked it. I just answered honestly. 
" So, who was the guy?". he said questionably. 
" Excuse me?", I said confused. Why is it important to him who it was. It's not like it matters. We had a relationship and then we didn't.
" You were obviously thinking of him when you answered the question, i was just curious," he said smiling.
Might as well tell him but he doesn't need to know everything. I'll keep it short and brief.
" He was my ex", I said softly. 
" How long did you guys date?", Mike asked
 Why does everyone ask this question when it comes to break ups?  It doesn't matter how long a couple dates, what matters is the time and the memories they had together.
" A year", I said firmly.
" Wow, it must have been tough, who did it then?" he said 
" It was mutual", I said. I learned a long time ago to always say mutual. That way no one gets hurts and feelings are spared.
" Enough about my relationship, how about yours?", I said crossing my arms at him. Now it's his turn.
Mike paused and cleared his throat. " We dated junior year and it was great the first few months. We were happy, always together. I remember this one time we stayed up all night talking and neither of us went to school that day. But then, as the months went on we would argue about everything, me not spending enough time with her because of basketball season. She would get mad if i didn't call her back or wait for her after school. She would get jealous of any girl who would look at me or talk to me. I swear to you, one time a freshmen had wanted an autograph of mine and she had pushed them out of the way. I think we just stuck with each other because it got comfortable. But, i knew it had to end".
" That's intense", I said. When it came to our relationship, we would have disagreements, but it would never be full blown out arguments.
" Yea, it was but now I'm better" he said
" who knows, you could meet someone new this year", I said.
He smiles, " Maybe, i already did".  i noticed that he kept going to his back pocket. He took out a white rose from it and held it out out me. 
" Thank you, it's-", I started to say but was cut off.
" I'm worthy of you", he said smiling.
" What?", I said confused.
He started laughing. " It's what white roses mean. Also, new beginnings which i think suits our situation".
Of course. 
" Right, I knew that, I said. 
" Of Course, you did, he said.
The bell rang which meant lunch was over. I was going to go on ahead first but Mike had other ideas. He held my hand and dragged me down the stairs, " Come on, we don't want to be late for Media Studies", he said as we ran down the stairs. 

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