Friday, February 12, 2016

Story- Chapter 1

As Sa5m approached the high school for her senior year, she thought of Will. Will was her ex-boyfriend from sophomore year when she lived in New Jersey. She lived in New Jersey her whole life. She loved it. The music, movies and the books.  She loved singing. There was a time where she stopped when she was younger. But, Will helped her when she sang for his band in Bandslam. They didn't win, but people loved them. She thinks that's when things started to go bad between her and Will. At first, it was little things, being late for dates or not calling back. But then, it started to go to his head because he cared more about the band than their relationship. She couldn't take it, so she ended it before junior year started. It was time they had both grown apart.

Junior year was went by like a blur. She was doing good in her classes, she didn't sing anymore because it reminded her of Will. She had made new friends who shared her love of books and scary movies. All that changed when her mom's job transferred them to California summer before senior year.

That is why she was standing outside staring at the name of her new high school. Hayden High School. It had an angelic ring to it. Sa5m had walked in to the office, told them her name and got her schedule. She saw that her first class was Health in room 14. Her teacher's name was Ms. Matthews.
" I have the same class, I can show you where it is" said a voice behind her. She turned around and saw that it was a guy with shaggy dirty blonde hair wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. She also noticed he had blue eyes. It reminded her of the ocean
Sa5m nodded her head at him.
" ok, thanks," she said not really sure if she can trust this boy, but he said he knew the way so what the hell.
"No problem,you must be new", said the guy as they walked through the hallway
" yea, we moved from New jersey", said Sa5m.
"Jersey, huh?, isn't that the, " he said putting his finger on his chin.
"birthplace of music", said Sa5m, smiling. Everyone knows that.
"right, oh I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself yet," said the guy clearing his throat. He then extended his hand towards Sa5m.
"Mike Gold, at your service" said Mike smiling.  She shook his hand
"Sam" said Sa5m.
" is that short for something like Samantha?", said Mike.
" No, well it's different in how I spell it", said sa5m
Mike was confused. This girl was telling him there is a different way to spell her name. It's only 3 letters, that's the only to spell it.
"how do you spell it? said Mike wondering. Sa5m took a piece of paper from her bag and a pen. She wrote down her name and handed to him.
" The 5 is silent", said Sa5m looking at him. She left him and proceeded to walk inside the classroom.

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